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 Requested customized bouquet with yellow plumerias added into the white calla lilies instead of the purple lavender orchids

calla bouquet Hello, Ok I have attached the pictures in jpg, I love the white lilies and he yellow plumerias, but if not that bright yellow then I like the pink! Also, do you have a picture of the hair piece so I can see it? My fiance and I are getting married in Hawaii on May 9th and I was wondering how much it is for a bridal bouqet? I love lilies and the tropical Orchid (the white with yellow middle) I would like some colour as my dress is white. Could you help us with this? Plus when would we have to order it if our date is May 9th? We fly in on May 7th. Our Hotel is Ohana Waikiki West 2330 Kuhio Avenue 96815 We get here on the 7th of May, our wedding is on the 9th of May at 10am at Makapu’u Beach. So we are probably going to leave the hotel at 9am since we do not know where we are going. Would the flowers be ok if you dropped them off the day before? Or would you come early on the 9th? I just worry about time. Hi Dewi! It was nice talking to you the other day! I was wandering if you could give me an example of what kind of clip I will need so the flower will stay in my hair? Thanks! Stacey Hi Stacey here is a sample video i hope this video helps , many of our brides use orchids or plumerias for their hair , the stems are fairly thin plus easy to use bobby pins maybe about three of them to hold the flowers in your hair … Dewi  Hi Stacey are you wanting callas lilly for your hair or plumerias ? Dewi  calla lilly hair piece     Hawaiian Oahu florist

4 thoughts on “Flowers for your Hair / Morning Star

  1. Hello Dewi! Thank you for that video that helped a lot! I do have a question.. I know the type of lilies that I am requesting they are longer then the plumerias will that look weird?

    Thank you so much!!

  2. Hi Stacey , great to connect here ! , i just added a photo of some Callas ideas for hair ?, we had thought you only wanted plumerias for your hair ? . If you do go with Callas it might be best to use a hair pin …

  3. I dont think it will look weird it will def be different then we see other brides do for flowers , will you be having a hair and makeup artist helping you ?


    1. Hi Dewi! Yes I want a white plumeria for my hair! I will be doing my own hair and makeup:) I’m going to wear it down and have the flower in the side of my hair! What if we did just yellow plumeria a for my bouquet? I think I would like that better?

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